Scirocco Centro Intercultural
a place for cultural exchange

We stand for a healthy live and healthy people
– we take care for our mother earth.

C/ Venta Baja 10. 29713 Alcaucin, 📞 624 607810

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Creative exchange among lovely people
since summer 2021


Flamenco-Konzert mit Tanz

Samstag, 5. August um 22:00 Uhr – 22:00 Uhr
im interkulturellen Zentrum Scirocco.
Cruce de Periana, camino venta baja 10, 29713 Alcaucin

Liebe Freunde, wir befinden uns im Herzen Andalusiens, und wie nicht anders zu erwarten, darf man im Sommer die 100%igen Live-Flamenco-Shows nicht verpassen. Deshalb freuen wir uns, Ihnen eine Show im reinsten authentischen Flamenco-Stil mit großartigen Künstlern anbieten zu können: Gitarre, Gesang und Tanz im Zigeuner-Stil:
Gitarre Jose Roman, Gesang Eli Cordoba, Tanz Tati “la Molineta”.

Telefonnummer für Buchungen 0034 624 607810

Ladet Eure Freunde auch ein und sichert Euch Euren Platz ! Willkommen!


Flamenco concert with dance

Saturday 5th August at 22:00hrs – 10:00pm
in Scirocco intercultural centre. Cruce de Periana, camino venta baja 10, 29713 Alcaucin

Dear friends, we are in the heart of Andalusia, as you would expect, in summer you can’t miss the 100% live flamenco shows. That is why we are pleased to offer you a show in the purest authentic flamenco style with great artists. guitar, singing and dancing in gypsy style:
Guitar Jose Roman, singing Eli Cordoba, dancing Tati “la Molineta”.

phone number for bookings 0034 624 607810
Take your friends with you and reserve your seats now ! Welcome!

Concierto flamenco con danza

Sabado dia 5 de Agosto a las 22:00hrs – 10:00pm
en Scirocco centro intercultural. Cruce de Periana, camino venta baja 10, 29713 Alcaucin

Queridos amigos, estamos en el corazón de Andalucía, como es de esperar, en verano no pueden faltar los espectáculos 100% flamenco en directo. Por eso tenemos el placer de ofreceros un espectáculo al más puro estilo flamenco auténtico con grandes artistas. guitarra, cantar y bailar al estilo gitano:
Guitarra Jose Roman, cante Eli Cordoba, baile Tati “la Molineta”.

telefono de reservas 0034 624 607810
reserva tu plaza. bienvenido y llevate a tus amigos 🙂

Los Miercoles en Alcaucín … Wednesdays in Alcaucín:

NOCHE DE MÚSICA CREATIVA – Creative Music Night.

Esta Creación Musical sólo tiene lugar en Scirocco (Alcaucín), el lugar por excelencia de la creación musical intuitiva en Andalucía. –

This Music Creation is only happening in Scirocco (Alcaucín) the outstanding venue for intuitive music creation in Andalucía.

Be part of new experiences /

Participa en nuevas experiencias
Intuitive Music with a new fantastic ensemble – Instant composing in the here and now. /
Música intuitiva con un nuevo conjunto fantástico – Composición instantánea en el aquí y ahora.
Enjoy or create new music!
Well known and also internationally famous musicians who are living in Malaga province create new music together. They meet from 8pm and invite friends and people of all ages to join them and enjoy the evening together.
Disfruta o crea nueva música
Músicos conocidos y también de fama internacional que viven en la provincia de Málaga crean juntos nueva música. Se reúnen a partir de las 20:00 e invitan a amigos y personas de todas las edades a unirse a ellos y disfrutar juntos de la velada.

A number of the artists of our ensemble will give the next concert, may be with /
Algunos de los artistas de nuestro conjunto darán el próximo concierto, por ejemplo:
* Alain Wolter (ct) – guitar, keys / guitarra, teclas
* Antonio Dobon – double bass / contrabajo
* Chris Stubbs – obscure percussion / percusión obscura
* Eric Peachey – percussion/ percusión
* Ernesto Lasso (ct) – percussion / percusión
* Hebert – percussion / percusión
* Jack Monck – bass / bajo
* Javier Paxariño (ct) – sax n flute / saxo y flauta
* Jos̩ Luis Zafra Рkeys, theremin / piano, theremin
* José Román – flamenco guitar / guitarra flamenca
* Juan Alba – guitar / guitarra
* Juanjo Cortes – trumpet / trompeta
* Mark Hewins (ct) – guitars / guitarras
* Nic Briscoe – guitar / guitarra
* Rachid Dimar – guitar, strings, vocal / guitarra, cuerdas, voz
* Rechungpa (ct & host) – gongs, perc., voc., soundscapes / gongs, percusión, voz, paisajes sonoros
* Roberto Bellatalla – double bass / contrabajo
* Santi Mabad – clarinets / clarinetes
* Toni Mangas – percussion / percusión
* Uwe Mühlhäuser – bansuri, mouth harp, voc. / bansuri, arpa de boca, voc.
      (ct) = member of core team / miembro de equipo central
*** and other Friends & Special Guests / y otro Amigos & Invitados Especiales

Friday nights in Alcaucin Scirocco presents


Friday nights in Alcaucin Scirocco presents

new shows of one of the artists in our growing circle
of professionals who present their actual program
– alone or accompanied by friends or their group.

Singers, Songwriters, Interpreters …
Magicians of performing art
invite you to experience a happy time and enjoy
the evening together with your friends and make
new friendships with beautiful people.

Welcome at Scirocco!
Reserve your space 624607810

learn about our events

Summer markets since 2020 –
may accompany the Friday programs from 19:30 h

MERCADO Ecologico y Artesanal
Eco-market with handcrafts, second hand clothes, organic grown vegetables, children’s area and live music.
The market is organised by Diana and if you want to participate, please contact her directly: phone/telegram: 004915154187031. On the occasion of the wonderful summer and the beautiful temperatures in the evening hours, the new eco-cultural event market now invites you to Friday evenings at the Scirocco, Venta Baja, Alcaucin. A great time to chill into the weekend with friends and family, find beautiful and good products, enjoy music and tapas and maybe get active yourself.

We are looking forward to seeing you!
Best wishes

second hand market

Second Hand

Find some nice and affordable gifts for friends your beloved once or just simple bargain for yourself

Martin organic vegetables

Organic Food

Vegetables and fruits from organic market gardeners near by.

soap handycrafts

Handy crafts

Nice handy crafts made by people from our area.


Luna Chill

Luna Chill – every Wednesday night form 19:30 h – open end

Luna Chill at Scirocco Your meeting point for friends and…

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Music night at Scirocco

Thank you all, who joined us in the wonderful music night with a lot of new music creations.

A wonderful night with music at Scirocco Thank you all,…

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Another night with nice music and lovely people

A wonderful night with music at Scirocco Thank you all,…

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music creation

Let´s create some music together

A wonderful night with music at Scirocco Hello to everybody…

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