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Andalusia was coveted by many people. Not only the good location, but also the Mediterranean climate and the richness of nature, aroused desires. In the history of Andalusia, many changes of power took place and the region was constantly changed. Romans, Berbers and Moors, they all once came to Andalusia and to this day you can still find their traces in the south of Spain. The history of Andalusia is as exciting and varied as the region itself. From the first settlements long before the birth of Christ to the reconquest of Andalusia by the Moors by the Catholic Monarchs to the autonomous region in today’s democratic Kingdom of Spain.

We find ourselves in this rich and colorful cultural tradition. With our association “Metamorphose e.V. at Scirocco” and partner associations in the international network of prokulturgut.net we create a bridge between the culture from the past to the present and expand it into the future.

We at Scirocco are a cultural association that advocates many things, such as the environment and holistic learning and living in all ages. In the course of this, we draw attention to creativity, healthy living, natural treatments, environmental protection and sustainability. At the same time we promote cultural exchange accompanied by music and other arts.

Scirocco is rising as a meeting place for members, friends and like-minded people:

Healthy living, fun and joy for children and all ages, learning through playing and learning by doing, intercultural exchange in harmony with mother earth.

We cordially invite members and friends of our associations and projects!

Please visit us – soon and regularly – at our new location in the middle of Andalusia near the oil mill in Puente Don Manuel / Alcaucín and meet with family and friends.

We look forward to seeing you!

P.S. You also can use our location as a coworking space with highspeed internet, for private seminars, festivals, events and use our services. 

We also love to collaborate with new partners.
Just contact us please: 624607810

We take care for our planet

WE take care for the people

we want to share

our team at scirocco

we love what we do

We are like minded people

we work with passsion and love and wish you a warm welcome at Scirocco!

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