Another night with nice music and lovely people

Another night with nice music and lovely people

A wonderful night with music at Scirocco

Thank you all, who joined us in the wonderful music night with a lot of new music creations.

From fresh avantgarde musical creations to special blues acts we loved to meet Javier Paxariño with his very special silver flute sound, Santi Mabad and his amazing free clarinet work, Mark Hewins playing a guitar in a way you probably newer heard before, Rechungpa with his intense n sensitive gongs, percussions and soundscapes, Tony Mangas driving the rhythm on drums n cajon and Alan Clayton joining the musical meeting in a way of a very beautiful fusion.

Welcome to all of you again – next wednesdays nights and also in the upcoming Luna Chill Night Market Events – every Friday night – with Live Music by Jonny Unplugged and Friends.

We open those days from 19:30h till .. you all are gone home

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